Dear Dr. Gaynor,

When Boardin was diagnosed with her osteosarcoma nine months ago we were at a loss. She was not mobile due to her back, leg and all the meds she was on. We had no idea that seeing you would change Boardin’s prognosis from poor to nine months!

When you offered to stay after hours for Boardin’s first appointment before you left town for two weeks we thought you were a very special person. Not everyone would have cared so much to do that. Had Boardin not gotten to see you that day we don’t know that her prognosis would have been any better than bleak.

Your treatment plan for Boardin was amazing. She immediately improved and was able to enjoy a good quality of life for the next nine months. Your willingness to do the pamidronate treatment was the difference in keeping the cancer at bay. Boardin got such a benefit from it for her front leg and her back mobility. Had she not gotten that we know she wouldn’t have lived so long after her diagnosis.

You treated Boardin as a whole, not just her cancer leg, and that is what gave her the quality of life she enjoyed for so much longer than we expected. Your redirecting her pain path and giving her the right amount of pain control made all of the difference for her.

You have put together such a wonderful team. They are all great people who are allowed to be themselves and to go above and beyond because you do. It was reflected in how everyone treated Boardin and us. You, Wendy, Kathy and Dr. Waterhouse are all so very special and we cannot thank you enough for doing all that you did for her and us. Everyone went out of their way to help extend Boardin’s quality of life and the time we got to keep her with us.

Thank yu for all the time and life changing care you gave Boardin. We truly appreciate all that you did that gave us more time with her. May God greatly bless you and your family!

Lynda, Bill, Boardin, Rizzy & Barley

Dear Wendy,

Where do we begin to say thank you for all that you did for B and for us. For the kindness, love, understanding and friendship that you gave to B and to us. The care that you gave B helped to extend her life and we are so grateful for that.

The first appointment we had with Dr. Gaynor, everyone stayed late so that we could see him before he left the country. We felt bad that everyone stayed late but were so grateful to get B the help she needed. It was late into the appointment and we were asking questions, instead of being unhappy to there you looked at us and smiled. We knew then you were a caring and giving person and would make the journey we had to go through with B a better one and you did.

Thank you for spending the extra time you gave B on the laser every week. You didn’t have to but you did it to make her feel better and help her with her pain. That was very kind of you and we know that extended her mobility and her life with us.

Swimming! B loved to swim and always couldn’t wait to get into the pond! It was great to get her back into the water, even a tank. Thank you for your kindness, even when you had to spend the extra hours cleaning after B would have an “ACCIDENT” in the water.

Pamidronate! How can with thank you for dealing with all of the balled up IV lines and circling. Staying at the clinic through lunch to be there for her. Your “magical hands” and cleaning up after we left. We know the pamidronate kept her cancer from spreading and helped her leg and back with mobility. Without that B would have not made it nine months after her diagnosis. Thank you for all you did those days – every three weeks for nine months! Thanks for keeping us entertained during those treatments. B adored Pebbles and she had fun hanging out with O’Malley! It was a fun diversion for both of us!

B knew you were special too. SHe gave you kisses during laser and put her head on your lap because she knew you were doing so much to help her. She didn’t give out those kisses freely and just to anyone. She loved you!

Your understanding when B’s “limo” was late in getting her to her appointments! It was so appreciated. You were always forgiving and extremely patient with her chauffer. You always said to come no matter what. You would make it work. Thank you for your understanding!

We are so thankful for your company and friendship. The weeks were so enjoyable with the laughing and sharing. You always were funny, easy going and easy to talk to. If we had to pick someone to be stranded on an island with, it would be you. You are a great person and great to be around. We bet you would build and awesome hut, too! (haha)

Thank you for your compassion when it became time “to set B free”. We know you felt the loss of B too. It meant a lot to us to know how much you cared about her. We appreciate yours and Kathy’s thoughtfulness in sending the plant basket. It is beautiful and reminds us of the love and compassion you both gave to B and to us.

We are so grateful for the extra time we had with B. The time since she has been gone has been so hard, and difficult getting used to life without her. We miss her so much. It makes all the hours there and the extension it gave her life such a treasure. Thank you for making it a better journey for us and for B.

You were a blessing for us! May god greatly bless you and your family! Thank you Wendy!

Lynda, Bill, Boardin, Rizzy & Barley

Dear Kathy,

We want to say thank you for all that you did for Boardin and for us in the past nine months.

The first day we met you might remember we asked Dr. Gaynor if we could take you home with us. He told us NO, he needed you there. After seeing all that you do there we can see why he wouldn’t let you go!!

When we called that first day to schedule an appointment for Boardin you were so concerned about her condition and didn’t want for us to have to wait to see Dr. Gaynor since he was leaving that day for two weeks. You were so kind to go and present our situation to him and you were so pleased to be able to tell us to bring Boarding in that day. When we came you were so nice, helpful, caring, and your kindness and concern made a difference that day. Had Dr. Gaynor not seen Boardin and made the amazing changes in her meds and the immediate turn around in her condition Boardin may not have gotten the chance to live all of those nine wonderful months we had her after her cancer diagnosis.

For all of the weeks thats turned into months for Boardin’s treatment you were such a comforting soul and you took such good care of us! When I called to announce our expected late arrival you were always accepting and always said not to worry, drive safe and we will see you when you get here. You do not know how much that was appreciated. You and Wendy worked around my challenges of getting there on time. You were a saint to schdule us so that it wasn’t a hardship on Wendy and that it allowed me to still get B the treatment she needed. You were always a calming force.

You always welcomed us, helped get the little old lady in the door, and had our meds ready. You would always ask if we needed anything before we left and went out of your way to make things work and feel comfortable. Boardin knew she was loved there and that gave her great comfort in coming there.

We enjoyed getting to meet Cole (Kathy”s dog). He is a very neat dog. Boardin loved roaming the hallway with him and Pebbles (Wendy’s dog). She felt like “One of the gang”. That was a fun day for her.

I always enjoyed catching up on life with you. You are easy to talk to and it made it enjoyable to come there every week. You and Wendy were very special and it would have been a long and difficult journey had you not been the great people you are.

When Boardin left us you and Wendy were so kind to send us the beautiful plant. Boardin’s passing from this life was devasting and it was so very comforting to know that you cared. Thank you for being so thoughtful!

Boardin’s cancer and mobility issues were a struggle but a blessing all the same. She made it nine months! She was here longer than the cancer specialist predicted and we know that first call to Peak Performance Veterinary Group and all the great care she received there made the difference.

Thank you for making a difference and for all the things that you did for Boardin and for us. May God greatly bless you and your family!

Lynda, Bill, Boardin, Rizzy & Barley

Dear Dr. Gaynor and Staff,
“Thank you” does not convey the magnitude of what you did for our precious Dudley. You made his final year his best. Your heartfelt words to us on his loss were the most comforting expression of your care about our little guy, and we cannot thank you enough for the love and care you gave Dudley.
Kent and Linda Waterman

Dear Dr. Gaynor and Staff,
Thank you to everyone at the practice who helped us through a difficult time with Black Jack’s pain & therapy. You helped his last few months to be PAIN FREE and special for us.

Dear Dr. Gaynor and Dr. Waterhouse,
I cannot express how much I appreciate all your help with pain management for Sheeba. You both were just great with her.

Dear Dr. Gaynor,
Rusty is my 11 year old Golden Retriever. Before stem cell therapy, he had become a very unhappy, slow moving dog; no longer wanting to play. Since the stem cell therapy, I now have my dog back. He is excited to go for long walks, play with other dogs and kids. The funny, smiling golden clown is back! He will soon be 14 years old and walking better than ever.
– Lynda Yaker

Dear Dr. Gaynor,
As a result of Henley’s stem cell injections in his hips, he is almost like a very young dog at age 9. Everyone who has seen him after the procedure is amazed with his improved higher energy level, playfulness, and alertness. It is clear that the stem cells have greatly improved his overall quality of life and significantly reduced his pain level in his hips. I wholeheartedly would recommend the stem cell procedure to everyone because it works. It brings me great joy to see the difference it has made in Henley’s life as my beloved furry son.
– Jackie Kochis

Dear Dr. Gaynor,
I am sorry to have to share with you that we said goodbye to Kestrel, our oldy but goody Rottweiler last month. Your team work and caring bought her an extra year of life without feeling like quality was being compromised. You also bought us an extra year with a wonderful extraordinary dog! She was almost 13, and had an amazing life. Thank you so much for helping us provide a graceful and relatively pain free sunset for her.
– Belinda Lewis

Dear Dr. Gaynor,
I am the proud owner of the most handsome Golden Retriever in the world! Howie is 10 yrs old (we think). I am a retired Air Force Colonel and a volunteer for Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue (GRFR). I adopted Howie through GRFR when he was about 3. He was brought into the Rescue from a puppy mill in Missouri – he was kept in a cage, used for breeding, had no social interaction and severe health issues. After lots of time, love and patience, Howie emerged as one of the most loving and gentle dogs I’ve ever seen. He also developed hip and back pain from his years of confinement. I heard about Dr. Gaynor and the pain management clinic from my Vet, Dr. Jensen, at Palmer Lake Vet Clinic. My first consult with Dr. Gaynor was in July 2010. His background and level of expertise in the area of pain management was astounding. Most importantly, he took the time to thoroughly evaluate Howie via radiographs and digital gait analysis and to explain where we needed to go with treatment. I was lucky that Howie’s problems were diagnosed early enough to give him a good prognosis. Between laser treatments and medication, Howie is now acting like the puppy he never got to be. I just had my follow-up appointment and Howie’s gait analysis was better than it was 6 months ago. I am thankful that we have an expert like Dr. Gaynor in Colorado Springs – Howie is also grateful and we both would recommend Dr. Gaynor!
– Ann Shippy

Dear Dr. Gaynor and staff,
We want to let you, Kathy, and your associates know just how much we appreciate your exceptional guidance and support during Macha’s last weeks, and your kind willingness to accommodate her-and us-at the end. Roberta and I easily make decisions for other people all day long. Making this kind of decision for ourselves is altogether different. In fact, just about impossible without the input and support of people like you who obviously share our hopeless addiction to and love for these four-legged creatures.
While losing Macha consumes us at the moment, it is not proper to dwell only upon this brief portion of her life. The fact is were it not for you, and for the treatments you were able to give her, she would have been virtually incapacitated four years ago. She would have endured infinitely more pain, and would not have been able to set aside her ailments during those precious days in the field hot on the trail of a wily old rooster. There is no greater gift we-or you-could have given this extraordinary animal.
Driving home from your office, Roberta said, “we were so lucky to have Macha.” No argument there. I said, “yes, but Macha was luckier to have us.” “Us” includes everyone in your organization, not just we who bought her dog food or took her hunting. Thank you again for being there for our girls-those past, present, and those which will no doubt steal our hearts all over again in the years to come.
Kindest regards,
-Tom & Roberta Bullock

We rescued Ty, our wonderful boxer-boy, from the Intensive Care Unit 2 years ago after he had been hit by a truck and his previous owners were unable to care for him. He had a dislocated left hip, pneumothorax, and a severely fractured left humerus. After several orthopedic surgeries, the hip healed well, although the foreleg healed at an odd angle. He is still able to run but has an unusual gait due to the outward tilt of his left foreleg. This abnormal leg direction led to severe medial compartmentdisease of the left elbow. Basically he was bone-on-bone in his elbow. We knew he was uncomfortable because he always limped. — After several different attempts to make him comfortable on this painful elbow, we found Dr. Gaynor at Peak Performance Veterinary Group. He offered us the revolutionary product called Arthramid Vet. This product was injected into Ty’s left elbow joint and his left shoulder, under short duration sedation. After a week of leash walking him, he was allowed to run again. It was an immediate improvement!! He no longer limps when he runs, and he is so much more comfortable! It was worth every penny to see him restored to his youthful, pain free self so quickly. —We had our 1 month re-evaluation appointment and Dr. Gaynor says he looks great! This product has allowed our Ty to enjoy running and playing again. All of this pain free!! Thank You Dr. Gaynor, and the wonderful staff of Peak Performance Veterinary Group for giving us a happy, healthy boxer-boy back!!!

On May 11, 2009 my dog Wyatt, an American Staffordshire Terrier bred by myself, had surgery to remove a piece of bone floating around in his joint on his left front leg. He already had some signs of some arthritis and of course the surgery would leave him with more. He recovered well and we did massage and acupuncture and he seemed to do great but he had a permanent limp and that leg was a lot smaller and he failed to use it the same way even after repeated attempts at strength training exercises. We decided to try him on Adequan and did see a slight improvement but with Wyatt being a show dog and never really getting to start his career we decided it was time to take him to Peak Performance Veterinary group to see if there was anything we could do for him to manage his pain. I was total ready to do Stem Cell Therapy on this dog and was prepared to do anything for him because he was so young at only 2 1/2.

After Wyatt’s second visit it was decided we were going to do a trial Bioscaffold procedure in the spring of 2010. He had Bioscaffold on May 27, 2010 and was back in the show ring 2 weeks later winning “Best of Breed”. I noticed results almost immediate after the first injection. He was limping less and he seems to be using the leg more. We decided to do a second procedure for Wyatt and after that he is as normal as can be. I do not ever see a limp and the leg looks just like the other one. He is in the show ring winning “Best of Breed” and also has started doing Obedience and Rally. My husband takes him up and down the incline with him and there is no sign of a limp after at all. I can not thank Dr. James Gaynor and his team enough for giving Wyatt the rest of his quality of life back. It will be almost a year now since the first procedure and I can say that he is almost 100%. I have enclosed some of his win photos so you can see just how much the leg has changed. Thanks so much and Wyatt says thanks so much.
Thank You So Much,
– Kristin Helgeson