Dr. Gaynor provides webinars and teleconferences which are sponsored by veterinary associations, individual veterinary practices and animal health industry partners.

Webinars are scheduled in advance and require internet access, a computer with audio, and a built in or external microphone. Participants log into a predetermined website and view a live presentation which lasts 45 minutes. A question and answer period then follows.

Teleconferences are scheduled in advance. Teleconferences are more suited for situations where all the technology may not be available. A speaker phone with good amplification is required.

Current available webinars and teleconferences are:

1. Developing a Critical Understanding of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

2. A Logical Approach to Chronic Pain Therapy

3. What to Use When You Can’t Use NSAIDs

4. Out of the Box Approaches to Chronic Pain

5. Cutting Edge Approaches to Chronic Pain

Other topics and subject materal can be developed for indivudual presentations as needed. Just let us know what you need. We can create the training.

We are working on providing continuation education credit for webinars and teleconferences. Check back soon for details.

The fee for a webinar or teleconference is $550.